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I am bob blockus Currently from Garner, North Carolina Wake County from 2013. Came from Tarpon Springs Homosassa Florida since 1992 and grew up in Upper Arlington Ohio in the 1960's 1970's 1980's. I worked and lived up in Alaska 1984, 1985, 2007 and 2009. I also worked and lived at Grand Canyon North Rim 2008 and West Texas Big Bend 2010. I worked and lived at Walt Disney World 2011. 

I do a podcast radio show music and talk on CorollaRadio.com 

Sister music station streaming MoonBaseGalaxy.com 

I have been doing before ideas in music movies radio television computers and corporations since year 1968 and the bulk of before ideas has been with chickfila work time at Palm Harbor, Florida store from 1997 to 2007 ten full years with co workers talking out ideas. 

I get to graduate as King Bob status for United Staes Of America when turn age 55 2018. My Birthday is December 13, 1963. 50 years of doing before ideas and 50 years as King Bob with a good sum of net worth income and enjoyment. 

I am a Eagle Scout in Boy Scout's Troop 295 Upper Arlington, Ohio and have a college degree in Law Enforcement from Columbus State Univeristy and worked for Upper Arlington, Ohio Police Department as a police cadet from 1980's to 1987. 

I very much like and enjoy tampa ten news wtsp.com. Sirius XM Channels, Fox News, bbc radio five live, Hawaii Islands Music Kapa Radio, And the cable television channel History Channel. Yes indeed. 

I have two you tube channels that are on Youtube.com/robertblockus

UFO Crash Pad 

Bob Blockus 


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