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 keep busy before King Bob's Graduation of  50 years of @beforeideas since 1968. 

Graduation should be  on about or before December 13,  2018  King Bob status icon. 


Graduation Plan's Agenda: King Bob. 

I think graduation becoming King Bob after 50 years of doing @beforeideas together with 10 years at Chickfila. 

Bob Blockus Networth should be about $6 Billion from doing all the before ideas. BT&T Bank Accounts. Radius Bank Accounts. With Citi Bank 

I agree to only try and use for my personal spending Blue Bird Card Account from American Express. Keep everything secure and track all the spending. 

from the before ideas blue bird. American Express. 

Executive Team: Stacie Snow walter wiseman From California England. Individuals in Charge. And agree Keeping track of Social media Icon Bob Blockus. 

Home Town!!! Residence.... North Carolina. United States. 

I agree. The best possible upgrade from current cabin. Same community as family. 3105 Jones Lake RD. Fuquay Varina, NC 27526. 5 beds, 4 baths 3,190 sq ft $384,900 Built 2017. The best possible upgrade close by. 1/2 mile away from family. I currently live 13 miles away. 




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